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Considered the most intimate wear, bras absorb perspiration and are easy to grow bacteria. The uneven connected washing label irritates the skin even more. To ensure comfort, many users and fabric organizations already advocate cutting the wash labels. As studies just show above 86% of users don't understand the symbols on wash labels during laundry.

Breeza has developed a smart wash band that includes a removable brand label with legally required wash and care info, a seamless anti-fray QR code that records and calculates the life of the bra to ensure fabric hygiene, a 24-hour rebound time to avoid chronic health risks such as skin itching, muscle numbness, and back pain.

Breeza  = Breast Health Bestie + Freedom Choices + Smart Bras Data

Breeza  = Customized Augmented Wash& Care Helper - Extra Tags  - Complicated Wash & Care Symbols


Smart Management for Hygiene & Breast Health


How might we reduce misinformation and the excessive resources used in labeling and tags to provide more intuitive instructions and a transparent standards system for bra products to avoid ill-fitting and hygiene-related chronic health problems by the end of 2023, allowing us to give more care to our nipples in a sustainable way?



Breathable New Bra Experience
Transparent Platform for Bra Choices
ssistant for Breast Health Caring

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